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ABMHR is a US-based entity registered in the State of Alabama that offers professional development training programs. The Board strives for excellence in the field of professional training and provides services to enhance individuals’ skills.

AMBHR grants the following credentials to both individuals and other professional development organizations

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Certificate of Attendance

ABMHR awards individuals an attendance certificate if they meet the following conditions:

  • Attended one of ABMHR training sessions
  • Attended a training course approved by ABMHR
  • Attended a training session held by an ABMHR Accredited Trainer/Consultant.
  • Submitted a proof of a training attendance that meets the above criteria
  • Obtained an approved permission from ABMHR Board of Directors
  • Completed a course by research
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Consultant License

The candidate must meet one of the following conditions to be recognized as a Licensed Consultant

  • Provided certificates of experience Experienced in training not less than three years
  • The trainer must have the courses that qualify him/her to be a Consultant
  • Be committed to providing training sessions based on reliable materials, and known references
  • Has received a Training of Trainers course from an accredited body
  • Has uninterrupted number of training sessions held

Note: The Board of Directors shall examine the document package received and have the right to reject the application without giving reasons

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Accredited Trainer

An individual must meet the following criterion in order to be recognized as an accredited trainer:

  • Attended a Training of Trainers course and presented a certificate confirming the completion of the course
  • Submittal of Courses presented and must be approved by ABMHR
  • By research qualification
  • By experience, but requires the approval of the ABMHR Board of Directors
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Professional Diploma

An individual must meet the following criterion in order to receive a Professional Diploma:

  • Provided a proof that the individual has obtained a diploma certificate from an accredited center
  • Attended a course offered by ABMHR
  • Attended a course accredited by ABMHR
  • Completed a research conforming with the US research standards

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